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clear thinking coaching - tania jones marlborough

B.Soc.Sci, B.Ed, Dip Tchg (Secondary), M.Ed, PGCert EdTech, Cert Coaching Skills.


Meet Tania

Tēnā koe!

I’m Tania, and I help guide Aotearoa’s emerging young leaders.

With twenty years of community leadership, governance, and strategic planning experience in my kete (basket), I believe in the power of values-led ideas to make waves. To change attitudes and behaviours in our lives, workplaces, and society.

And so, I want to help you take the lead in championing the causes and communities you care for – and to support organisations across the country do the same for their rangatahi (youth).

Born and raised in Whangārei, I have worked from the Far North to Ōtautahi Christchurch with the mission of bringing ClearThinking to Aotearoa’s current and future leaders. I am a fierce advocate for collaborative process, values-led strategy, and accountability. My expertise spans the project-life cycle: from initial conceptualization and delivery, to scaling and legacy-planning. My focus on grounded results sees us clearly map your goals for impact, as well as discover how to best nourish your wellbeing along the way.

I’ve seen Aotearoa’s passionate rangatahi in action. I’ve also watched transformative mentorship take ideas to the next level. I believe whole-heartedly in the power of weaving the two together – and I’d love to have you onboard for the journey!

Ngā mihi,

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Young Achievers, Tomorrows Leaders, Business Owners, And Community Organisations.

Coaching is the sort of help you reach for when you don’t even need more information, you just need to get your thinking clear; or you need some support to set strategic goals and make the changes needed to achieve them. It’s change directed and decided by you.


Coaching is what we seek when we need to get our thinking clear. Together, we will take stock of the skills and resources you have and work to maximise your goals.

Coaching can look like …

Setting strategic goals. Clearly mapping the changes needed to achieve them. It’s change, directed by you.


Mentoring is for when we want to carve out a new path toward clear thinking. It’s a learning journey, co-designed by the mentor and mentee. We equip you with resources to move forward confidently.

Mentoring can look like …

Holistic career development. Exploring your long-term ambitions – as well your questions about how to get there. It’s personal and professional growth, built together. 

Emotional culture

Clear thinking begins with emotional wellbeing. Together, we evaluate what this looks like for you and your team. Next, we create a reliable system for keeping you and your workplace well.


What does clear thinking look like for you? Need a facilitator for a conference, retreat, or training programme?

Looking for product or service consultation? Something else?

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